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Hey there, I’m your new Spanish teacher!

I’m María Camila, I’m 30, an industrial engineer, and a mom to a beautiful 4-year-old.
I love helping my students to get a basic Spanish conversational level using my super fast and easy method
Is a fun and practical approach to language learning based on my own experience learning English (on my own ;)); specially designed for people with tight schedules! 
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What some of my students say...


12 clases de Español

Very good! Maria was very professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed with taking my first lesson


42 clases de Español

I've done about 30 lessons now with Camila, and she is just a wonderful teacher--chatty, engaged, and charming. My Spanish is at a level where I can express myself passably for day-to-day topics (perhaps B1 level), but from time to time I find myself reaching for a word that I don't have. At that point Camila's extraordinary English ability comes to the rescue, since she can almost always instantly give me the Spanish version of the English word I am struggling to translate. That helps make my language learning more efficient. Camila remembers the areas where I'm weak and encourages me in those areas and notices when I progress. Really really recommended.


11 clases de Español

The best spanish teacher I’ve had! Camila always makes learning fun and interesting with various teaching techniques. I highly recommend trying out a class.


1 clase de Español

Camila has extremely creative lessons! She thinks outside the box and every exercise has been helpful.


3 clases de Español

Maria es una muy buena Professora. Graciosa y atenta. Muchas gracias.

Valerio Viale

28 clases de Español

Camila is the best!

Michael Raphael

9 clases de Español

Wonderful. Maria does a great job. Very patient with me.

David Ashburn

10 clases de Español

I find that Maria's ability to switch from english to spanish very helpful . We have absolutely no barrier to communicate. This makes me feel very comfortable so I can feel free to speak in spanish without fear of making mistakes because she will understand and correct me only when I have finished my sentence. She senses what things I will need to practice and points me in the right direction to improve my ability to have real conversation.

Tina Vaughn

10 clases de Español

Very fun! I'm a very early beginner and feel like I have learned a ton in the 1/2 hour we had and I'm even looking forward to the homework! I'm looking forward to learning more conversational skills with Maria 🙂


6 clases de Español

Best teacher I’ve ever had. She is keen and attentive to your progress and proactive in promoting your growth by motivating you to increase Exposure to language outside of class

Phoebe Bryan

4 clases de Español

I had a great lesson with Maria. She is very patient and understands the struggles a language learner goes through. She is very practical and finds ways to make the learning journey fun! I will book another session with her soon!

Paul Cervi

6 clases de Español

Un placer como siempre. Nos vemos pronto Camila!

Tyler Crumbley

5 clases de Español

Camila is always a pleasure to talk with, and is a great teacher. She is so patient with my limitations. Great conversation. I learn every time.

Alex Dowling

1 clase de Español

Muchas gracias Maria, fue una primera lecion muy muy bonita! I really like enjoyed your teaching style and I feel I can improve a lot and fast with future lessons 🙂

Sylvia Shellenberger

22 clases de Español

Maria Camila knows what I need and keeps me on track. She formulates a lesson that will make me learn in a natural way. She is especially good at converting from spanish to English and back again.

Ryan McCombs

2 clases de Español

I felt very comfortable speaking with her. She has an idea of where to take the class and how to get me speaking. I will loosen up with more classes together. Nos vemos pronto!

Shkelqim Hysenaj

1 clase de Español

Maria is very easy to talk to and she has a very clear accent. She makes you feel very comfortable from the onset.


8 clases de Español

Incredible as always! I am learning words and phrases that are pertinent to my job as an educator and Maria’s lessons always help me grow as a Spanish learner.

Nick Davila

10 clases de Español

Muy bien!


10 clases de Español

I always enjoy our classes! I will keep working hard on my Español 🙂 Muchas gracias!

Orlando Salazar

1 clase de Español

Awesome experience definitely recommend her


13 clases de Español

La amo mucho 🥰 ella es la mejor tutora. Lo aprecio todo de tu ayuda...❣️

Book your first free class and let's get that Spanish going!

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